Welcome to

29th International Conference

Of the International Association

For Management of Technology

From 5-9 April 2020



"IAMOT is the only international organization dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in MOT education and research. IAMOT is a non-governmental, non-profit organization incorporated in 1992 in the State of Florida, USA. Its purpose is to encourage high quality research and education in the field of management of technology (MOT). It accomplishes this purpose through various activities, including sponsoring international conferences; publishing newsletters/periodicals, conference proceedings, a book series and a scholarly archival journal on MOT and Innovation (Technovation). IAMOT acts as an information exchange hub on teaching and research issues in MOT. The association has approximately 670 active members from 79 countries.


Technology is the main factor that is changing the world as we know it today, the conference aim is to advance and support the practice of Management of Technology for the betterment of our organizations, societies, and future.
The conference will bring the most pressing technology-related issue for an in-depth analysis, discussion and study to facilitate the transformation of knowledge and exchange of expertise.
The theme of this year edition is “The Digital World & industry X.0”

BOD, Advisory & Organization Committees

Name Affiliation
Leon Pretorius (Board Chair) - Program cochair University of Preetoria, South Africa
Osman Ahmed (President) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Anthon Botha University of Pretoria, South Africa
Ben Amaba IBM -USA
Breno Nunes University Of Aston - UK
Charlette Geffen Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Chihiro Watanabe Tokyo Seitoku University, and Tokyo Institute Of Technology - Japan
Edi Madalena Fracasso Consultant - Brazil
Haram-Jan Steenhuis Eastern Washington University, WA, USA
Jan-Haram Pretorius University of Johannesburg
Joe Amadi-Echendu University of Pretoria
Laure Moral University of Lorraine-ENGSI - France
Lila Asfour University of Miami- USA
M.Hashem Sherif AT&T- USA
Marianne Horlesberger Austrian Institute of Technology - Austria
Nabeel Yousef Daytona Stat College, Daytona Beach, Florida
Nicholas Theodorakopoulos Aston School Of Business
Paula Antonio Zawislak Federal University Of Rio Grande do Sul- Brazil
Richard Smith Simon Fraser University, Canada
Spohrer Jim IBM -USA
Sriwannawit Pranpreya Royal Institute Of Technology- Sweden
Tae-Eung Sung Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Seoul, Korea
Tinus Pretorius - Program cochair University Of Pretoria, South Africa

Name Affiliation
Osman Ahmed (President) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Tarek Khalil (IAMOT founder) President, Nile University, Egypt
Amrik Sohal Monash University, Australia
Anthon Botha University Of Pretoria, South Africa
Charlette Geffen Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Daniel Berg University of Miami
David Bennett Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Dominique Jolly Webster University, Geneve
Ed Sweeney AstonUniversity, UK
Eduardo Vasconcellos University of Sào Paulo, Brazil
Essam Radwan University of Central Florida
Fred Betz
Fredrick Betz Former NSF, Washington State
Fuijo Niwa
Graham Mitchell
Jan Haram Pretorius, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Jeff Butler Manchester Bussines School - UK
Jim Sphorer IBM
Joe Tidd University Of Sussex, UK
John Aje Thomas Edison State University, NJ, USA
Josue Monterossi Wahler Metalúrgica Ltda - subsidiary Duratherm Beteiligungs, GmbH , Brazil
Khaled Helmy HP, Egypt
Koruna Jain India
Lucy Morse University of Central Florida
Massoud Amin University of Minnesota
Mauricio Camargo Universitѐ de Lorraine, France
Max Von Zedwitz GLORAD - China
Michael Badawy VPI, USA
Moemo Pereira Nunes Dept. of Development and Investment Promotion (Government of Brazil)
Mohamed El Nawawy Egypt
N. Theodorakopoulos Aston School of Business
Nurcin Celik University of Miami
Paulo Zawislak Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Prannpeya Sriwannawit KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Rias Van Wyk Technoscan, USA
Robert Mason University Of Washington, WA, USA
Rolland Ortt TU Delft, Netherlands
Ruchita Gupta India
Steven Welsh New Mexico State University - USA
Sung-Goo Han The National Assembly, Republic of Korea
Tae-Eung Sung Korea Institute Of Science and Technology Information, Seoul Korea
Tinus Pretrorius University Of Pretoria, South Africa
Vincent Boly Universitѐ de Lorraine, France
Yasser Hosni Emeritus Professor University of Central Florida, IAMOT COB

Khaled Eid (Chair)
Ahmed El-Kholy
Heba Labib
Hoda Belaidy
Mamdouh Awny
Mireille Barsoum
Mohamed Azzam
Mohamed Ezzat
Mostafa Ghaly
Nezar Sami
Sahar Mounir
Tarek Khalil
Wael Akl
Wael Fekry


The 29th International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT) invites academicians, policy makers, technology experts and business leaders concerned about the impact of technology on our life, organizations and people to share their knowledge and expertise on how to leverage the management of technology for the future that we want. –SDG-


The Digital World & industry X.0 The theme is interdisciplinary enough to cover the entire ecosystem that includes, technology, management, strategy, business, economy, development studies and innovation, to name a few.
the focus is on what technology is brining in terms of future opportunities, possibilities, risks and the lates thinking in management to leverage the benefits of technology while mitigating the risk associated with it.


Presenters may share their knowledge / expertise / innovation, revolving around the theme in the following formats

  • Researches
  • Empirical case studies / Use cases
  • Trend analysis
  • Policy Recommendations
  • Future scenarios
  • Innovation

Length of Presentation

20 Minutes


  • Submission of full papers:
    January, 15, 2020


  • Government Officials & Policy Makers
  • Business Leaders, CxOs and senior Management across industries
  • Academicians concerned about the management, application and impact of technology
  • Educational and Researchers
  • Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Entrepreneurs
  • Graduate students in Information Technology, Management, and Business


Abstracts are invited in the following major subthemes of interest, but not limited to:


  • New service and product development
  • Technology Disruption through start-ups
  • Complex Systems, Cultural, Social and human issues
  • Strategic issues, competitiveness, quality & productivity
  • E-commerce, supply chain management, and virtual organisations
  • Technology transfer, partnership and sustainable development
  • Technology issues and Management of technology in developing countries
  • Intellectual property for economic growth
  • Towards a Digital World
  • Industry 4.0 and beyond
  • Science and technology policy
  • National systems of innovation
  • infrastructure and management
  • Entrepreneurship, new ventures and SMEs
  • SME's and their challenge
  • Data analytics
  • IOT and smart cities
  • Development of Africa
  • MOT Education & Theory
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Technologies
  • Bioengineering and emerging technology
  • IPR ecosystem in developing countries
  • Diffusion and adoption of technologies
  • Management of emergent and disruptive technology
  • Project and program management
  • Competitiveness in globalized world
  • Safety and risk management in technology development project
  • Technology and Sustainability


Please submit a one page abstract including keywords and topic from the list of topics of the conference. Preference is given to papers that have application to a sector of the economy such as Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism, Healthcare, Banking,Transportation, Water Resources, etc.


Every abstract that is submitted online would undergo a double-blind peer review process and be identified suitable for Presentation / Proceedings. All accepted abstracts would be published, as an abstract proceeding of IAMOT 2020.The review process for the full papers is also blind review. After the review process the accepted full papers will be published in the IAMOT 2020 conference proceedings. At least one author of the shortlisted submission has to register for the conference.

Note for all Speakers

All speakers are required to fill in an Author Intellectual Property Release. Instructions on how to fill it in and upload it can be found HERE


Name of the Conference Venue
IAMOT 2019 (28th conference) Mumbai, India
IAMOT 2018 (27th conference) Birmingham, England, UK
IAMOT 2017 (26th conference) Austria
IAMOT 2016 (25th conference) Florida, USA
IAMOT 2015 (24th conference) Cape Town, South Africa
IAMOT 2014 (23th conference) Washington D.C., US
IAMOT 2013 (22th conference) Porto Alegre, Brazil
IAMOT 2012 (21th conference) Hsinchu County, Taiwan
IAMOT 2011 (20th conference) Florida, USA
IAMOT 2010 (19th conference) Cairo, Egypt
IAMOT 2009 (18th conference) Florida, USA
IAMOT 2008 (17th conference) Dubai, UAE
IAMOT 2007 (16th conference) Florida, USA
IAMOT 2006 (15th conference) Beijing, P.R. China
IAMOT 2005 (14th conference) Vienna, Austria
IAMOT 2004 (13th conference) Washington D.C., US
IAMOT 2003 (12th conference) Nancy, France
IAMOT 2002 (11th conference) Miami, US
IAMOT 2001 (10th conference) Lausanne, Switzerland
IAMOT 2000 (9th conference) Miami, Florida
IAMOT 1999 (8th conference) Cairo, Egypt
IAMOT 1998 (7th conference) Orlando, Florida
IAMOT 1997 (6th conference) Gothenburg, Sweden
IAMOT 1996 (5th conference) Miami, Florida
IAMOT 1995 (First European conference) Birmingham, England
IAMOT 1994 (4th conference) Miami, Florida
IAMOT 1992 (3rd conference) Miami, Florida
IAMOT 1990 (2nd conference) Miami, Florida
IAMOT 1988 (1st conference) Miami, Florida



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In ancient times known as Thebes, Luxor was the initial capital of Upper Egypt during the New Kingdom. Luxor is recognized as one of the greatest open air museums to visit with its vast archaeological sites. The city is rich with Ancient Egyptian monuments such as Valley of the Kings that accommodates the tombs of many royal and noble figures of the Egyptian New Kingdom, most famously the Tomb of Tutankhamen. It is also home to vast ancient temples such as the Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple.



The southern city of Aswan is the perfect travelling destination in winter. Overlooking the Nile River, Aswan is a great starting point for a Nile cruise. Aswan is located north of the Aswan Dam, and a busy touristic attraction. It is home to spectacular historical and cultural landmarks, most famously Philae Temple, El Nabatat Museum, and the Mausoleum of Agha Khan among many others. In Aswan, you can also experience the rich Nubian culture, with its beautiful music, cuisine, handicrafts and heritage. Aswan is also known for its therapeutic environment as the sand has many pain relieving properties for ailments such as rheumatism, joint edema and skin inflammation.



The second largest city in Egypt, the coastal city Alexandria lies at the center of Egypt's Mediterranean coastline. It is famously known for its beautiful and extended beaches. Founded by Alexander the Great, circa 332 BC, the city is rich in many Greco-Roman monuments. One of its most famous landmarks is the Montazah Palace and Bibliotheca Alexandrina.


Sharm El Sheikh

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Hurghada City

Located on the Red Sead Coast, Hurghada is considered the capital of the Red Sea Riviera. The beach resort is famously known for a variety of aquatic sport activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, yachting, wind and kite-surfing. You can enjoy a relaxing retreat at some of Hurghada’s best spas. Hurghada is a luxury beach resort town located between Sigala, El Dahar and El Memsha. In Sigala, or the city center, you can find plenty of seaside luxury resorts, mid-range hotels and restaurants. It is also an opportunity to visit some of its beautiful nearby resorts such as Sahl Hashish, Makadi Bay, and Soma Bay among others.


Siwa Oasis

In the midst of Egypt’s Western Desert lies the beautiful Oasis of Siwa. It has a beautiful nature with its water springs, salt lakes, as well as its olive and palm gardens. The Oasis’ main town, known as Shali is home to the ancient ruins famously the fortress of Shali as well as Temple of the Oracle that was once visited by Alexander the Great to consult the Oracle of Siwa. Another famous attraction is Cleopatra’s Pool which is a stone pool fed by a natural hot spring, where the Egyptian queen is believed to have swam in. Siwa is also a great opportunity for safari trips with quad bikes in the Western Desert of Egypt.


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